Promoting Soil Health Naturally

Soil Booster our Agriculture Blend
Soil Booster Plus our Lawn & Gard​en Blend

Soil Booster is our product blend designed for farmers looking for that boost in Agriculture Production .
It is the combination of pure Humates and programmed Bentonite Clay.

This can be very conveniently applied with your fertilizer tank on your air seeder spreader, with a fertilizer spreader or applied with a Valmar Applicator.

 Soil Booster Plus is a product designed for people looking for that natural boost for their Lawns and Gardens.
It is the combination of pure Humates and programmed Bentonite Clay.

This can be spread easily with a grass or fertilizer spreader. Apply
spring and fall on lawns, and before seeding on your garden.   

Soil Booster & Soil Booster Plus benefits include.

  • Builds a stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation.

  • Great source of energy for benefical soil organisms, which influence both soil fertility and plant health.

  • When added directly to the soil it can improve both the soil quality and the plants ability to grow.

  • Soil Booster Plus helps prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil.

  • It helps to accelerate microbial activity and soil quality.

  • ​Prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil.

  • Improves aeration of soil and increases water retention in heavy and compact soils.

  • Assists greatly in decompostion of crop residue.

  • Increases phosphorus availability.

  • Suppresses phtonamatodes ( Worms that infect plants ) and other plant pests.

  • Promotes soil/plant symbiotic bacteria.

  • Stimulates mycorrhization in plants ( fungus root development that allows for better usage of phosphorus )

  • Soil Booster can improve root growth and  development as well as total leaf area.

  • Improved Chlorophyll content.    Improved Nutrient Uptake.   Improved Plant Quality.      Increased crop yields

  • Improved soil structure.   

  • Improved water retension.            

  • Differing soil PH.            

  • Increased root growth
                                                                                                                                                           MY OPINION
A few years ago Lorraine and I were exposed to humates and what they did in gardens. We saw responses by plants to humates that left
us with far more questions than answers. How and why did gardens produce such an abundance of large great tasting produce. One such example was a lady in Moose Jaw who entered a large tomato contest. The only thing that mattered to the judges was the size of the tomato. The tomato she grew weighed 2 pounds. What she told as the “rest of the story” was what I have never forgot. She told that when she ate the tomato it tasted the way she remembered tomatoes tasting when she was a child. Another example is the picture of the carrots on the website. These carrots were grown on relatively poor soil with a very liberal dose of humates applied. The lady who grew the carrots told me that she made a carrot cake with one and a carrot salad with the other. She had expected the carrots would be “woody” or tasteless because of the size. She reported the carrots were unusually sweet and tasty.

The same results were gained in agriculture using Penergetic products. I knew they worked but the how and why escaped me. It was hard to promote products that I could not understand, much less explain. Why would soil where the Penergetic K was applied be “open”. When I put a shovel in the ground where Penergetic K was used, the shovel will go in up to 6-8 Inches. Where Penergetic K was not used, int the same field, the shovel would go in 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. Where the Penergetic K and P program was used there was less disease, more growth, healthier plants, less lodging, more nodulation in pulses, all of which leads to more yield.

After seeing the results of each, we decided the time was right to make a combination of the two and make the product available to organic agricultural producers as well as residential customers for gardens and lawns. As we had people use the products known as Soil Booster (field product) and Soil Booster Plus (gardens and lawns) and report results we knew we had something very special but still didn't know why it worked. This has led to a year of research and courses trying to find the answers. I believe we are getting closer to the reasons and want to share some of what I found.

First: What makes humates so effective.

Our soils are mineral deficient. This isn't just a theory. Mineral soil tests show a lack of trace minerals in most of our soils. I don't pretend to know all there is to know about which mineral do what things. My stock statement is all plants don't need all minerals but all plants do need some minerals. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Calcium and Magnesium are all important elements and what they provide is easily found on the internet. How about the importance of Boron, Potassium, and other trace minerals like the importance of Molybdenum and Cobalt in the nodulation process. Humates supply all of these minerals. Just having these minerals present for the plants provide essential nutrients that can lead to healthier more productive growth.

Second: What does Penergetic K and P provide.

Do you understand energy? I don't. Why does my phone make a funny noise when you push 306 648 7309 and not when you push one different number. When I push a button on my phone and say hello, you will hear me thousands of miles away and I will hear your voice when you say something even though there is nothing connecting us. Can you tell me how that works? I can't explain it but I know it works. In the same way I cannot explain how energy from the Penergetic program stimulates the soil biology but I know it works. In healthy soil, I have been told, there is more living organisms in a tablespoon of soil than there are people on the earth. Healthy soil is teaming with bacteria and fungi. These bacteria and fungi are essential to allowing plants to access and utilize the nutrients necessary for life. The Penergetic program naturally stimulates the bacteria and fungi causing them to flourish and multiply. The result is stronger and healthier plants that can result in better yields.

That is the “elevator pitch” on how and why Soil Booster and Soil Booster Plus work and how they achieve the results our clients have experienced.

Root Development

             Enhanced root development that is possible as evident in the plant on the left compared to plant on right.

 An excellant example of the root development possible with an application of Soil Booster.