Promoting Soil Health Naturally

Soil Booster Plus
Soil Booster
Soil Booster Plus is a product designed for people looking for that natural boost for their Lawns and Gardens.
It is the combination of pure Humates and programmed Bentonite Clay.
This can be spread easily with a grass or fertilizer spreader. Apply

 spring and fall on lawns, and before seeding on your garden.  Our 7 Lb. Jug will treat 3500 square feet of lawn or garden.

Soil Booster is our product blend designed for organic farmers looking for that boost in Agriculture Production .
It is the combination of pure Humates and programmed Bentonite Clay.
This can be very conveniently applied with your fertilizer tank on your air seeder spreader, with a fertilizer spreader or applied with a Valmar Applicator.

The Story of Soil Booster Plus​​

When all the trees fell over all those millions of years ago, all the minerals and nutrients trapped in the growth remained and are now trapped in the humates. According to an analysis done by the mine we get our humates from, there are over 70 trace minerals in our humates. In my opinion, the soils we are trying to grow things in, be it vegetables, fruit, flowers,lawns or agricultural crops, the trace mineral content is lacking. Whether this is due to the fact trace minerals were never there to begin with or if they have been depleted because they are used and removed and not replaced, they aren't there now. All plants don't need the same minerals but all plants need some minerals. If we can provide the trace minerals our plants and crops need, it stands to reason we would see an increase in production in quality and quantity in these plants and crops. By simply spreading a small amount of our humates on the surface we make the trace minerals in our humates available to the soil. That is part one. The next step is to make those trace minerals available to plants in a form they can use. To accomplish this, we bring in a programmed bentonite clay from Switzerland. This product naturally stimulates the microorganisms in the soil to “mineralize” the available nutrients to a form that make them available to the plants. The results we see from providing trace minerals to the soil and stimulating the microorganisms in the soil to make these nutrients available to our plants are truly spectacular. We have reports of larger better tasting fruits and vegetables. Bigger, healthier more colorful flowers as well as greener healthier lawns.
Other benefits of Soil Booster Plus include:
By naturally stimulating the microorganisms in the soil, hard clay soils are softened allowing roots to better penetrate finding more available nutrients and allowing vegetables to grow larger.
Because Soil Booster Plus can increase the health of soil and grass, lawns can better withstand the chafer beetle.
By naturally stimulating the microorganisms responsible for breaking down organic matter in composting, simply adding some Soil Booster Plus to the compost pile will speed up the composting time significantly.

By naturally stimulating the microorganisms in the soil, Soil Booster Plus will help prepare soil to accept Sod by allowing the root system of the sod to penetrate and establish quicker. The added nutrients will also add to sod laying process.

​We offer the following five packaging sizes to suit your individual needs:
 1:          A small pouch to treat container gardens up to 30 square feet
2:          1.5lb container to treat gardens up to 750 square feet
3:          7lb container to treat areas up to 3500 square feet
4:         40lb pail to treat 1/2 acre area

Soil Booster & Soil Booster Plus benefits include.

Builds a stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation.

Great source of energy for benefical soil organisms, which influence both soil fertility and plant health.

When added directly to the soil it can improve both the soil quality and the plants ability to grow.

Soil Booster Plus helps prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil.

It helps to accelerate microbial activity and soil quality.

​Prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil.

Improves aeration of soil and increases water retention in heavy and compact soils.

Assists greatly in decompostion of crop residue.

Increases phosphorus availability.

Suppresses phtonamatodes ( Worms that infect plants ) and other plant pests.

Promotes soil/plant symbiotic bacteria.

Stimulates mycorrhization in plants ( fungus root development that allows for better usage of phosphorus )

Soil Booster can improve root growth and  development as well as total leaf area.

Improved Chlorophyll content.    Improved Nutrient Uptake.   Improved Plant Quality.      Increased crop yields

Improved soil structure.      Improved water retension.            Differing soil PH.             Increased root growth

Soil Booster and Soil Booster Plus enhanced root development.
​The top picture shows the enhanced root development that is possible with our product as evident in the plant on the left compared to plant on right.
Bottom picture is an excellant example of the root development possiblewith an application of Soil Booster.