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1st Place | Ceramica Pottery - 3-Legged Water Pot

2nd Place | Garden Essentials - Practical Plant Support

3rd Place | Grassroots Organic Dirt supplements Co Inc
    - Soil Booster Plus

Promoting Soil Health Naturally

Soil Booster our Agriculture Blend
Soil Booster Plus our Lawn & Gard​en Blend

Soil Booster is our product blend designed for farmers looking for that boost in Agriculture Production .
It is the combination of pure Humates and programmed Bentonite Clay.

This can be very conveniently applied with your fertilizer tank on your air seeder spreader, with a fertilizer spreader or applied with a Valmar Applicator.

 Soil Booster Plus is a product designed for people looking for that natural boost for their Lawns and Gardens.
It is the combination of pure Humates and programmed Bentonite Clay.

This can be spread easily with a grass or fertilizer spreader. Apply
spring and fall on lawns, and before seeding on your garden.   

Soil Booster & Soil Booster Plus benefits include.

Builds a stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation.

Great source of energy for benefical soil organisms, which influence both soil fertility and plant health.

When added directly to the soil it can improve both the soil quality and the plants ability to grow.

Soil Booster Plus helps prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil.

It helps to accelerate microbial activity and soil quality.

​Prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil.

Improves aeration of soil and increases water retention in heavy and compact soils.

Assists greatly in decompostion of crop residue.

Increases phosphorus availability.

Suppresses phtonamatodes ( Worms that infect plants ) and other plant pests.

Promotes soil/plant symbiotic bacteria.

Stimulates mycorrhization in plants ( fungus root development that allows for better usage of phosphorus )

Soil Booster can improve root growth and  development as well as total leaf area.

Improved Chlorophyll content.    Improved Nutrient Uptake.   Improved Plant Quality.      Increased crop yields

Improved soil structure.      Improved water retension.            Differing soil PH.             Increased root growth

                                                                                                                                                           MY OPINION
In my opinion, the soils we have in our gardens and that we are growing our lawns on have been depleted from years of use. Chemical fertilizers and weed control products have hurt the natural soil health. 
By bagging the grass clippings on our lawns we are removing whatever trace minerals that the grass used in it's growth. The same is true in our gardens. When we harvest our gardens and remove the growth, ( plants, weeds and produce ), we are taking whatever trace minerals the plants used in their growth and removing it completely. 
Again, in my opinion, this is the reason that over a period of time the production drops significantly and the quality of the garden produce is not what we remember.
By using Soil Booster Plus we are putting back over 70 trace minerals and natually stimulating the microorganisms in our soils allowing the palnts to better utilize available nutrients.
Our greatest source of pride in our results is when satisfied users tell us about the size and, more importantly, the taste and quality of their garden produce after using Soil Booster Plus.
The depletion of nutrients and soil health does not happen quickly and repairing the damage is not an instant one time thing. For best and lasting results we recommend usin Soil Booster Plus as soon as possible after the garden is harvested or as soon aspossible in the spring before planting. The sooner Soil Booster Plus is applied the more time the microorganisms in the soil have to work and multiply. 
Soil Booster and Soil Booster Plus enhanced root development.
The top picture shows the enhanced root development that is possible with our product as evident in the plant on the left compared to plant on right.
Bottom picture is an excellant example of the root development possiblewith an application of Soil Booster.